Transit Services

At Tandem Transit, we provide advanced carrier-to-carrier voice transit over an all IP network as an alternative toTDM networks. This enables your business to reduce its dependency on the RBOC which competes for your same traffic.

The prospective types are:


When CLECs exchange traffic to other non-RBOC carriers, Tandem Transit is your preferred team for competitive operation. We offer:

  • Reduced network infrastructure costs.
  • Increased independence from the RBOC.
  • Broad, robust coverage.
  • Flat Rate Local and LD Transit fees.
  • Effective transcoding for higer QoS.

Cable Operators
Our team puts forward high-quality services in order to cultivate development and expansion. Through us, cable companies can:

  • Peer among other cable companies at a reduced cost.
  • Reduce their reliance on the RBOC network and save millions.
  • Overflow PSTN traffic when TDM facilities are congested.
  • Choose from SIP or TDM interconnection methods by market.
  • Quickly increase capacity to exchange competitive traffic.

Wireless Carriers

Tandem Transit provides various solutions to facilitate the migration of TDM networks to IP networks for wireless carriers.

Wireless carriers can expect:

  • Reduced network, operating and capital costs.
  • Increased call quality because of redundant call routing paths.
  • Improved efficiency due to advanced routing features.
  • Reduced reliance on the ILEC network.
  • Growth in their networks.

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