Enum Registry

ENUM is a prominent standard for telephone number mapping and plays a major role in the union of and migration from traditional telephony to IP telephony, by making standard telephone numbers work for both.

The ENUM registry works in a similar way to the DNS that identifies the location of someone's email server. By using ENUM, Tandem Transit uses special DNS record types to translate traditional telephone numbers (DIDs) into domains or IP addresses which aids the identification of the server that handles the call on the other end. Our process allows us to store to a registry and convert a phone company’s DID to a DNS or Domain Name. The beauty of DNS is that it exists already and is a global, efficient, open and scalable system. Using DNS for ENUM also provides a low-cost solution.

In addition, SIP is used by ENUM to send out initiation attempts to multiple locations in order to find the user who is receiving a call.