Tandem Transit enables advanced Carrier to Carrier Voice transit. Our network interconnects Competitive Local Exchange Carriers in the U.S. Market.

The advantages for carriers are that they:

  • No longer rely on or pay high rpms to their largest competitor to complete inter-carrier calls.
  • Continue growing their business coverage cost-effectively with no additional Capex.
  • Reduce their dependancy on the RBOC Tandem network. Converge with new technologies.
  • Gain revenue assurance by identifying the origination of every call.

Unique solutions for Carriers

Tandem Transit is one of a few Tandem Interconnection Carriers using 100% IP networks at its core. This unique advantage will allow for exceptional growth and significant overhead reduction for its clients.

Choose Tandem Transit and start reducing access and transit costs

We are continually expanding and peering our network to offer the most robust and advanced set of services to our carriers. Tandem Transit provides service in all US markets and is a fundamental component of many of our customers’ networks. We are gaining significant industry knowledge of how to manage and engineer interconnections and peering arrangements, reducing the need for carriers to manage all those direct interconnections by simply peering with Tandem Transit.

Latest News
    Tandem Transit is now accepting New Carrier Partnerships.
    Contact our Business Development team.
    Tel. 1 718 689 1303
    or send us an email.
    Registering all DIDs/TN's/ANI to ENUM.
    Reduced DIP costs with Tandem Transit.
    Email our SALES TEAM for more info.
  • 100% IP NETWORK
    Tandem Transit Peers with most major upstream providers and allows secure and reliable SIP Trunking for all Carrier Partners.
  • Tandem Transit Connects with West Coast.
    During the 1st quarter 2010, we have been very busy establishing interconnection agreements with carriers from several states. We now have the entire west coast active and ready to start both Transit and LD Transit. Speak to our Carrier Account Managers today.